On-Site learning effective 8/17/2020

Distance Learning Plan

Packet Pickup 8-3-2020/8-4-2020

Zoom Schedule 8-3-2020/8-14-2020

If any students need assistance with food, while struggling with this closure, there are community resources available.  Any child who is 18 or younger can get a free meal, including breakfast, at any district school during the closure. Contact any public district school in your area for free meal pick up times. You do NOT need to attend that school to receive the food.

Country Gardens Charter School Reopening letter from Superintendent

Country Gardens Charter School Reopening Protocols

Country Gardens Charter School
Covid-19 protocols for 2020-2021

Hearing Notification 6-26-2020

Hearing Notification 6-27-19

Adopted Budget 2020-2021

Asbestos Info. 03/01/2019

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