Zoo Lab Program Gr K-12. Learn all about the eco-systems of the world from their great Zoo Lab Teacher Mr. Nick! Students conduct science experiments using the scientific method, and work on group projects.
Students learn their science standards through dissections of prepared purchased specimens. Leopard frogs. (Prepared Dissection) In Zoo Lab students create animal habitats.
The Zoo Lab is filled with all different kinds of animals. Different types of turtles and tortoises. Insects (hissing cockroaches here)
Iguana Students are taught to handle the animals with love and respect. Lizards, geckos, rabbits, ferrets, mice, fish and many more from the animal kingdom.
Bearded Dragon All kinds of snakes. Spiders.
Students love Rosy-our ¬†favorite tarantula. It’s no wonder that Zoo Lab… is their favorite place on campus!!!