CGCS Staff Page

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Superintendent / Curriculum Director / Teacher

Mrs. Burge


Mrs. Gerber

Assistant Principals

Mrs. Way, Mr. Nick and Mr. Zach

Special Education Director/Teacher

Mr. DiEugenio

Science Director

Mr. Nick


Ms. Firchow

1st Grade

Ms. Hallonquist

2nd Grade

Mrs. Gordon

2nd Grade

Mrs. Kerckhof

3rd Grade

3rd Grade

Miss Kelly

4th Grade

Ms. Rojas

4th Grade

Mr. Seymore

5th Grade

Ms. Nicole

5th Grade

Miss M.K. Kelly

6th Grade/8th ELA

Ms. Castleberry

6th Grade

Ms. Christensen

7th Grade/7th-10th ELA

Ms. Campbell

8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry

Mr. DiEugenio

8th-12th Grade English

Mr. Jones

8th Grade ELA/English

Ms. Campbell/Ms. Castleberry

8th-12th Grade History

Ms. Dunn


Mr. Mannery

Algebra 2/Physics

Mr. Cheung

Civics, Economics, Government

Mr. Jones

9th Grade Biology I/8th Grade Science

Ms. Pikstein


Mr. Mannery

Structured Recreation/Swimming

Coach Tucker

High School Science

Mr. Nick



Mr. Demetri – Art
Mrs. Mlsna – Creative Arts
Miss Firchow – Culinary Entrepreneurship
Mr. Seymour  – Music and Steel Drums Band
Mr.Urias  – Barnyard and Horsemanship