CGCS Staff Page

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Superintendent / Curriculum Director / Teacher

Mrs. Burge


Mrs. Burge

Assistant Principals

Mrs. Way, Mr. Jones, Mr. Nick and Mr. Zach

Special Education Director/Teacher

Mr. DiEugenio

Science & ZooQuarium Director

Mr. Nick


Ms. Hallonquist

1st Grade

Ms. Firchow

1st Grade

Mrs. Orozco

2nd Grade

Mrs. Kerckhof

1st/2nd Grade

Ms. Gordon

3rd Grade/4th Grade

Miss Kelly

4th Grade/5th Grade

Ms. Rojas

4th Grade

5th Grade

Ms. Nicole

5th Grade

6th Grade/8th E.L.A

Mr. Tupponce

6th Grade/7th Grade

Ms. Christensen

7th Grade

Ms. Campbell

8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry

Mr. DiEugenio

10th-12th Grade English

Mr. Jones

11th Grade E.L.A.

Mr. Humphreys

8th-9th Grade History E.L.A

Ms. Dunn


Mrs. Stephanie Kelly

Algebra1/Algebra 2/Physics/Chemistry

Mr. Cheung


Mr. Jones

9th Grade Biology I/8th Grade Science

Ms. Pikstein


Ms. Christensen

Structured Recreation/Swimming

Coach Tucker

High School Science 10th/12th Biology

Mr. Nick



Mr. Demetri – Art
Mrs. Mlsna – Creative Arts
Miss Firchow – Culinary Entrepreneurship
Mr. Seymore  – Steel Drums Band/Spanish
Mr.Urias  – Barnyard and Horsemanship