Creative Arts

These classes are taken weekly by students in grades K-8. Barnyard animal products and art pieces as well as edible items are deigned and created. Wool from the sheep, alpacas, and llamas are cleaned, dyed, spun on a spinning wheel and then woven on looms into beautiful and useful items. Cultural and historical lessons are “woven” into the textile lessons as students learn about Navajo weaving, Colonial American weaving, and Central American weaving.  Milk products and other barnyard products are utilized to make items such as butter, ice cream, and cheese.  Pasteurization is taught as well as many other important science related concepts. Students learn firsthand how farm animals produce our foods in America and foods that are made from milk, such as milk chocolate. Creativity enters the lessons when students create different ice creams, chocolates and other great recipes. Above all, Milking the cows and goats is one of the favorite things to do!!!!