Country Gardens Charter School does not provide free and reduced lunch. We do not participate in the state lunch program, instead we have a student run business called the Past Times Café, where students can purchase freshly made items for various prices. If you wish your child to buy lunch at our Past Times Café, please plan to send them with cash or a credit/debit card. We take Visa and Mastercard. Our café has many menu options, including, but not limited to pizza, burgers, nachos, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and fries. We also offer daily homemade specials for a set price. 

Breakfast can also be purchased at our café before school starting at 7:30AM.

The café does close for breakfast 5 min. before school starts (7:55AM). 

Students are also welcome to bring lunch to school in a lunch box. We ask that students not bring sodas, candy, or lunch items that need to be heated up. 

Update 1/27/24