Hands On Learning Centers and Projects: Grades K-12

The basis for our charter is hands-on experiential learning.  Research shows that retention of learning is highest when you actually “do” things not just read or hear about them. Therefore, our classrooms are filled with learning centers for each subject. Students work at their own speed and have the opportunity to choose different activities based on their modality of strength (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile).  Students are always being challenged as they are able to continue on to the next activity as soon as they complete the one they choose.  The teacher works with small groups for direct instruction while other students are at centers, thus providing more valuable learning time with the teacher.  Students learn to become independent learners and increase their peer interaction skills as they work together in centers.  Centers are either skill based or have a common theme with standards from many different disciplines all integrated with that particular theme.  Centers have a variety of activities in them such as: learning games, flashcards, activity cards, manipulative, computers, art-based activities, surveys, graphing, measuring, cooking, science experiments, listening activities, writing activities, and tons more!  They are motivating and fun!  Students are assessed on skills leaned in Reading, Math, and Writing every Wednesday.  Students also are engaged in whole or group projects or simulations based on units of study in Science or History.  Students love going to centers and squeal with excitement when they get to cook!