Barnyard Outreach Tour Program Grades 8-12

Students in grades 8-12 are chosen to have the honor of being a tour guide in the Barnyard Tour Program.  CGCS has developed a Science and Nutrition based outreach education program for schools. Schools schedule a field trip to CGCS for “The Barnyard Tour” and students form other schools learn about farm animals, their products and their history.  Our student guides are given training on their job as a tour guide and then they give tours. CGCS tour guides will have a specific farm animal for which they are the “specialist” and when the tour group comes to their animal in the barn, they give their talk and complete hands-on activities with the group.  The outreach schools benefit with the hands-on real life opportunities to learn about domesticated farm animals, food sources, nutrition, and history.  Our students benefit by developing leadership and speaking skills, becoming a science expert in animal science, and gain valuable inter-personal skills while interacting with their own peer guides and younger students. This is a fabulous Service Learning Program and outreach students even get to milk a cow!!! (See more info in the Service Learning Description.)