Gardening, Horticulture and Botany

Students are involved in different aspects of Plant Science and Botany through gardening.  A greenhouse is utilized for hydroponics, plant germination and hybrid creation.  An aquaculture project is presently in the works.  Gardens throughout the school include: A Pollinator’s Paradise Garden, Butterfly Gardens, Container Gardens, Flower Gardens, Vegetable Gardens, Herb Gardens, Heirloom Gardens, Pizza Gardens, Arizona Cactus Gardens, and Pallet Gardens.  Fruit orchard is being planned for the future.  Each class in grades K-8 has their own garden and activities to carry out in the gardens.  A Learning Center in the classroom also incorporates many cross-curricular activities integrating working in the garden and extension lessons from the gardens.  High School Biology classes utilize the gardens and greenhouse for special lessons, experiments and projects.