S.M.I.L.E With Books Program Grades 9-12

This Service Learning Program integrates Leadership Skill and Literacy as students take Spanish books to students in Panama, Costa Rica, and Belize. These remote communities are in desperate need of books for their students to be able to learn to read. Our high school students collect books from our school and all over the state of Arizona. These books are then sorted and transported to these countries to be distributed to the children, their families , and their schools. There is nothing more life changing than to see the smile on these kid’s faces when you give them a book! We also take pictures of all the kids and their families and the on the return trip the next year, we bring their photos back to them in frames. These villagers do not have electricity or running water or flushing toilets. They live very primitively in the rainforests and have never had photos of themselves. The photos and books have become treasures they look forward to receiving every year. After receiving their books and photos the villagers tour the students through their village. Students are privileged to see first-hand how these tribes live, and function in there primitive but happy existence. They are always smiling and thankful for the gifts we bring. The two indigenous tribes that we sponsor in Panama are the Noge’ Bugle’ tribe living in Cilico Creek in the northeast and the Embera tribe living on the Alajuela River in Southeastern Panama. The San Mateo neighborhood in San Pedro, Belize on Ambergris Caye and the Primary school in Golfito, Costa Rica are also sponsored. This Program has proven to be one of the best projects designed here at CGCS due to is inherent intrinsic values which create compassionate, caring, thoughtful, hard-working young adults. This is a program you want to make sure your child gets to experience!!!!